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Bengals to offer Rashad Jeanty the lowest tender that would give no compensation

Since we've been going Happy Gilmore (I don't know what that means) about restricted free agents today, let's keep with the theme. Well, until Mojo breaks the theme and invades the site with awesome Combine coverage.

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora writes that the Bengals will give Rashad Jeanty a "low tender, and has no draft pick compensation." Jeanty was originally going to be an unrestricted free agent when the owners elected to cut the CBA short two years earlier than scheduled. Therefore, one of the changes in free agency is that a player can't file as an unrestricted free agent until they've accrued six seasons. Furthermore, there's different compensation packages regarding whether a player is a restricted free agent with four years of experience or five years of experience. The chart is here.

Since La Canfora writes that the Bengals will offer Jeanty a low tender with no draft pick compensation, it's worth pointing out that the team's compensation is actually where the player was originally picked. Jeanty, not having been drafted, signed into the NFL from the CFL. The tender, if the above chart is right, will be $1.176 million. Jeanty will be able to sign a contract with another team and the Bengals will have a chance to match that offer.

While Jeanty was strong as a depth chart guy, in the past three seasons the Bengals have acquired guys like Brandon Johnson, Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga. Abdul Hodge has also become a solid special teams guy. The necessity of bringing Jeanty back keeps shrinking.