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Covering the Combine 6: The event ends, but the experience remains

Today is my last day here and I'm leaving at Noon, so there won't be quite as much excitement today.  I will partake in Cincy Jungle's first ever podcast, listen to a few coaches (Rex Ryan is always entertaining), and climb back on the bus. 

There is a lot less media here in comparison to yesterday.  The workouts start this afternoon, but we (the media) have no firsthand access to see the prospects workout—except NFL Network, of course.  They get all the perks. 

So far, I listened to New York Giants GM Jerry Reese tell the world that a team can acquire a good running back in the fourth or even seventh round. He mentioned how he likes his defensive linemen to be interchangeable in their position and how the Giants do have a budget, but that if they have to pay someone they like, "they will do that."  It makes sense of course that the New York teams will be big spenders in an uncapped environment. 

Speaking of New York, former Giants coordinator and current Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo took the podium with his sharp hair cut and his East Coast accent to say that if St. Louis did take a quarterback with the first overall pick, he would not have a problem playing that player right away.  Spagnuolo wouldn't say much or compare the two highest rated defensive tackles—Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy—both of which are expected to be top five overall selections.  A defensive tackle hasn't been taken with the first pick since 1994 when our very own Bengals took Dan Wilkinson.

Unfortunately, that's all I have for today.  This whole voyage has been surreal and incredible and I really enjoyed taking it all in and relaying what I've seen and been through with all of you.  Hopefully this type of coverage will become the norm for Cincy Jungle as we continue to grow and deliver our readers the type of quality firsthand reporting that many of you have enjoyed here for the last few days. 

Thanks to everyone for reading and to the powers-that-be who sent me here. 

Mojokong—living the dream.