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About the question at right guard: Sign Bobbie Williams back or move on?

The Bengals 2009 offensive line was hardly the 2005 lineup that many considered the team's best since the days of Anthony Munoz, Max Montoya, Joe Walter and Bruce Kozerski. But considering the line's performance in 2008, this year's group of Williams, Andrew Whitworth, Nate Livings, Kyle Cook, Evan Mathis, Dennis Roland and Andre Smith is a large reason for the team's newfound obsession with running the football, recording 2,056 yards rushing -- the first time Cincinnati rushed for over 2,000 yards since the 2000 season.

A large part of that success stems from the team's veteran guard Bobbie Williams. Not only has he been one of the most effective members with the Bengals since Marvin Lewis' rookie season, his durability is dependable and his strength as a team leader and spokesman will be very hard to replace.

Now that Williams is an unrestricted free agent, the question is, do you sign him to a two-year deal or move on with the hopes of moving Livings, Mathis, Dan Santucci or Jason Shirley to right guard? Do you elect to draft a natural guard in this year's draft or do you consider moving Jonathan Luigs?