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Bengals Banter: Taking stock of a week that was great

We've had a busy week here at Cincy Jungle. Starting on Thursday, our very own Mojokong, spent a majority of his weekend in Indianapolis, listening to players, coaches, general managers and even the local media. If you missed anything, you can find his collection of his Combine articles here.

Also, on Saturday morning, Craig debuted his show, "Real Football Talk with Cincy Jungle." The show mostly focused on some background with Craig, the site, but mostly focused on Mojo's experience at the NFL Combine. Make sure to give it a listen. Craig is looking for feedback, so let him know what you think.

However, that wasn't all. We talked about Marvin Lewis, making the point that the Bengals should sign Lewis to an extension this offseason. That means capitulating to his demands and doing what's necessary for the team to sustain long-term success. It got me thinking indirectly that Mike Brown could save face here. If he agrees to whatever Lewis' stipulations are, then Brown could put into motion a series of events that would allow the Bengals long-term success, which could give Brown the characterization of a protagonist as his days as the team's President and owner fall with the descending sun. See? It's a win for Marvin Lewis. It's a win for the Bengals fans. And it's a win for Mike Brown. Everyone wins. Winning is a good thing, mmmkay?

In other news that passed along.

The Bengals started offering tenders towards their restricted free agents at the end of the week. Brandon Johnson was offered a tender that would give the Bengals second-round compensation if he signs with another team. Rashad Jeanty was offered a low tender that wouldn't give the Bengals compensation if he signs elsewhere. They elected not to give J.P. Foschi or Daniel Coats a tender, likely thinking they could be signed to a cheaper deal.

The Bengals have until March 4 to offer restricted free agents tenders before they hit the free agency market.

The Bengals filled out their coaching ranks, announcing the hirings of Kyle Caskey as the team's offensive quality control coach and Jeff Friday, the new assistant Strength and Conditioning coach.