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Report: Chad Ochocinco to be on Dancing with the Stars

So what does Chad do best? He plays football. What else does he do well? Well, he entertains. And that entertainment value is cashing in as TMZ reports that Chad Ochocinco will be one of the stars in next season's Dancing With the Stars.

Multiple sources tell TMZ the outspoken Cincinnati Bengal will be part of the cast of "Dancing with the Stars" this coming season.

Ochocinco joins a list of NFL stars who have done the show including Warren Sapp, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice.

A rep for ABC would not comment on potential cast members ... but did a great job of reminding us the official announcement comes tonight during the season finale of "The Bachelor."

Do you have a problem with this? Do you think he should eat, breath and drink Bengals football? Or do you trust him enough to be ready when we need him?