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TE Dan Coats Re-Signs

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According to Joe Reedy and the Cincinnati Bengals twitter accounts, TE Dan Coats has re-signed. According to, Coats was in the bottom 15 of pro tight ends last year, mostly because he was the worst receiving TE in the league by their rankings. Coats dropped 25% of passes thrown his way (7 of the 28).

Coats managed 16 catches for 150 yards including one incredible heads up play wherein he recovered a fumbled and rumbled 20+ yards for a successful third down conversion.

Coats is 25 years old and was probably brought back as a Bengal as a blocking specialist, where he can contribute positively to the offense. The problem with his game is that he should never be used as a receiver, a role he was subjected too much too often last year, and his skill set really limits him to a 3rd tight end and specialist spot on the depth chart. In Cincinnati, he's probably asked to do too much.

Remember, the Bengals did not even give Coats a "no compensation" tender as a RFA. Hopefully, at least, the contract he signed is for less money than that RFA designation would have cost. Details on the deal are forthcoming.