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Bengals consider bringing TE J.P. Foschi back to Cincinnati

J.P. Foschi runs after the catch during a regular-season 2010 NFL football game.
J.P. Foschi runs after the catch during a regular-season 2010 NFL football game.

Tight End J.P. Foschi proved to be a pleasant surprise last year in that he, well...he actually caught the ball when it was thrown to him most of the time.  His fourth season as a pro, last season spent in Cincinnati, was far and away his most productive as an NFL player.  Beginning his career in 2005 with the Oakland Raiders, he spent two years on the Bay without catching a touchdown before spending a year away from the league.  He re-entered the NFL in 2008 with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he remained touchdown-less.  As a matter of fact, he remained catch-less since he caught six passes in his rookie season in Oakland. 

He joined the Cincinnati Bengals as a free agent last offseason and emerged as a pretty handy little hot-read option for Carson Palmer.  He had 27 receptions for a total of 260 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

During his nightly show, Lance McAlister said that the Bengals are considering bringing him back for the 2010 season after electing not to tender his contract and releasing him into free agency, where he did not receive any interest. 

My take?  He'd be a good guy to have around in the event we don't score Chris Baker, Chase Coffman remains unable to break into the offense and Dan Coats hasn't received an emergency double metacarpal transplant.


UPDATE: It would appear that the initial word on Foschi's potential return came from Hobson.