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La Canfora: Terrell Owens landing in Cincinnati is still a "possibility"

Earlier in the week, the Bengals finally made a decision to sign one of the available wide receivers that would play opposite Chad Ochocinco in an offense that finished the season ranked 26th throwing the football -- the Bengals and Jets were the only playoff teams to have a passing offense outside the top-20. Aside from signing the occasional peasant to compete for a job come July and August, the Bengals are set with the bulk of their wide receivers. Right?

Not so fast, my friend (Editor's Note: totally didn't mean the Lee Corso reference... my bad). NFL Network's Jason La Canfora thinks that Terrell Owens landing in Cincinnati is still a possibility.

The idea of Owens landing in Cincinnati is still possible, NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora said Thursday, but recent rumors surfacing of T.O. headed to Oakland? Not so much. La Canfora opines that if the Raiders had serious interest in Owens, they already could have brought him in for a visit. 

It's becoming a question if Owens has a market and if so, what team is left that'll sign him? From our understanding, the Bengals were previously looking at the $3-4 million range for Owens. We're not sure if that's true, and we're not sure if the Bengals hosted Owens to appease Chad or if they were genuinely interested. But if the Bengals wanted to add one more punch to their passing offense, Owens is still there and we have to believe his price will drop, drop, drop as he remains unemployed. Can we smell bargain, Mr. Businessman?