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See Ya, Larry


Because CJ is a family-friendly site, I'll refrain from using the language I want to use. Let's just say Richard Pryor would be proud of my unedited departure speech for one Larry Alphonso Johnson, Jr.

For now, I'll merely offer this:  Goodbye, Larry.  

Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.  Try not to spit drinks on any females who aren't feeling your rap; or stiff-arm any unwanted advances, either.  Enjoy splitting time with Clinton Portis.  Who knows, maybe you'll be the one who can successfully block for Jason Campbell.

If not, there's always check-down passes, right? Hell, maybe Mike Shanahan can rejuvenate your sorry ass revitalize your career.  

I suppose I should be thankful for Larry's one really good game (his 22-carry/107 yard effort against the Browns) and for the fact he didn't create any waves during his brief tenure in Cincinnati, but then again, where's the fun in that?  I was against this signing from the beginning, and it's only through the grace of injuries that Johnson's services were even needed.

Considering the fact he's gone without leaving a smoldering crater where his Bengals locker once stood, I'll call Johnson's tenure at Cincinnati a push -- meaning, I certainly didn't want it, but it wasn't as painful as it could've been.