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Reedy: Small "teeny tiny" chance that Bengals land Terrell Owens

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We wrote on Friday that NFL Network's Jason La Canfora believed that there's still a possibility that the Bengals could still land Terrell Owens. Of course, one would have to assume with such thinking that Andre Caldwell has regressed too far and that Jerome Simpson's chances to being an integral part of the team's passing offense was overstated by Marvin Lewis.

However on Saturday, Joe Reedy confirmed that there's a small chance, "but a lot of things will have to happen in order for that to happen." Reedy's primary point is basically a waiting game, which includes watching where, if anywhere, Brandon Marshall falls and where the chips play out with all teams in the NFL draft.

If Owens isn't signed after the NFL Draft, and presumably, the Bengals have made no moves or acquired no wide receivers, then Owens could sign in Cincinnati. Reedy concludes:

However, to quote one of Butch Davis’ favorite phrases, we still characterize the odds as “teeny tiny”.