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Bengals and Bobbie Williams hope to have a deal by the end of the week

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Now that Richie Incognito has signed with the Miami Dolphins (if you didn't know that, then news flash: Incognito signed with the Dolphins on a one-year deal) after spending the night in Miami, the Bengals are apparently back to talks with Bobbie Williams, writes Joe Reedy.

Talks between the Bengals and Bobbie Williams have started to ramp up again with progress toward a deal hopefully happening soon. Both parties would like to agree to a deal by the end of the week since the league meetings are next week in Orlando.

By all appearances, the Bengals have flirted with other free agent guards in the hopes to push forward negotiations with Williams and not as an upgrade at left guard.

Reedy also writes that once the Williams negotiations are finished -- either with an agreed deal or not -- then the Bengals will focus on signing tight end Reggie Kelly.