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Antonio Bryant picks #81

The Bengals super-awesome free agent wide receiver acquisition of the year, Antonio Bryant decided on wearing #81, reports Geoff Hobson (we think) through the team's official twitter account (we need to come up with something cooler sounding). The first player to wear #81 was Dennis Randall. The last, Ben Utecht.

The most notable players to wear #81 are Carl Pickens (who wore #80 through his first three seasons) and Eddie Brown. And they combined for 753 receptions, 11,003 yards receiving and 86 touchdowns (note: only Pickens' seasons where he was wearing #81 were included).

This is also a reminder that when Pickens played with the Bengals, he was really, really, really good and you have to think that if it weren't for the jerk-nature in which he left the city, or the battle with the Brown family which bore the "Pickens clause", he'd be remembered far more often and far more favorably. Between 1995 and 1996, seasons in which Pickens made the Pro Bowl, the receiver caught 199 passes for 2,414 yards receiving and 29 touchdowns. That's right; 29 frickin' touchdowns. He was also the 1992 AP Offensive Rookie of the year.

Oh, and speaking of Ben Utecht (scroll up), the former Bengals tight end will sing the national anthem at the Reds opening day game. Very cool.