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Question of the Day: Which five Bengals players would you lock in if every NFL player was eligible for free agency?

After having franchised players like Justin Smith, Stacy Andrews and Shayne Graham recently, the Bengals elected to not use the tag on any of their unrestricted free agents -- mostly because no one is worth using the super-expensive franchise tag. Either way, it got me thinking.

What five players on the Bengals roster would you lock in if the league decided to make every NFL player a free agent and you could only prevent five players from going into free agency.

My list.

Carson Palmer
Cedric Benson
Domata Peko
Leon Hall
Johnathan Joseph

I had a hard time leaving off Andrew Whitworth, but I really wanted both cornerbacks because I believe that they are one of our greatest strengths on defense. Anyway, what five players would you lock in?