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Bengals tried to keep Jeanty on a two-year contract

Rashad Jeanty has always been a solid contributor on defense. No, he didn't get all of those quarterback sacks that was somewhat expected of him when he was signed away from the CFL by the Cincinnati Bengals. He wasn't a big play maker, he didn't pick off passes, force fumbles or have a whole lot of tackles for loss. Jeanty, with 32 career starts in the NFL under his belt, was solid on special teams and when backing up Rey Maualuga.

With that in mind, Joe Reedy writes that the "possibilities begin to increase that he might not return to the Bengals next season."

The Bengals did try to work out a deal with Jeanty on a two-year contract, but nothing was signed. Jeanty, Reedy writes, has several trips planned next week with only a Dolphins visit to have been confirmed.

With Jeanty possibly leaving and Dhani Jones playing on the final year under contract, speculation continues to heat up that the Bengals will look at drafting a linebacker at least, possibly two.