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Bengals Banter: Mike Brown to vote against overtime changes

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Joe Reedy mocks that the Bengals will draft Jermaine Gresham. I'm still not sure that the Bengals will draft a tight end in the first round, or even the second round. I agree that the team needs someone to make a difference in the passing game, but have the Bengals ever shown an urgency to really showcase a tight end for more than blocking someone? Again. I agree, Cincinnati needs an effective tight end in the passing game. However, I just don't think the Bengals will draft someone in the first round to achieve that.

Mike Brown will vote against any overtime changes during this week's NFL Owners meeting.

For those of you that actually have the idea in your heads that the Bengals will draft a quarterback to eventually replace Carson Palmer this year, let me put your mind at ease. Not going to happen.

Geoff Hobson writes that the Bengals will likely get two compensatory picks. "Stacy Andrews left for a big enough deal that could give the Bengals a third-rounder. And with Ryan Fitzpatrick starting eight games in Buffalo, is that enough for a fourth-rounder?"

Former Bengals linebacker Landon Johnson signed with the Detroit Lions to solidify their special teams.

While some suggest that the Bengals haven't ruled out signing Terrell Owens, Aaron Wilson writes that the "door appears to be completely closed." It's being reported that Owens wants $5 million a year.

Bengals running backs coach Jim Anderson was in Stanford during their Pro Day, working with running back Toby Gerhart.

Chick Ludwig likes the idea of drafting Tim Tebow for his leadership and "literally willing his team to victory". Me? Not so much.