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Question of the Day: If the Bengals sign Bobbie Williams back, would you still draft a guard?

Since I have to give him his fair share of recognition, Jaegner was the first to post this over the weekend. You da man.

Idaho guard Mike Iupati - a guy that Scout NFL Network's Chris Steuber calls the "premier offensive lineman in the draft" -- will be making rounds to workout with several teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals. Actually, he could be working out with upwards to 15 teams which makes me think, that boy will need an energy bar.

While the Scouts' report hasn't been confirmed by any of the local beat writers, Iupati working out for the Bengals really wouldn't surprised us. But that would depend on your perspective.

Are the Bengals reacting to a scenario that Williams might not be signed? Obviously this makes the most sense, considering if Williams signed elsewhere, the team would be left with Nate Livings, Evan Mathis, Jason Shirley with an unlikely scenario of working Jonathan Luigs or Dan Santucci at guard. Note: Would it really surprise you if the Bengals elected to move an offensive lineman out of his natural position? None of which really gives me that tingly feeling.

On one hand, the Bengals signing Bobbie Williams back could make the idea of drafting a guard in the early rounds rather moot. But that would be going off the suggestion that the Bengals interest in Iupati would be relative to what happens with Williams. Or, do the Bengals want to upgrade left guard? How much of an improvement is Iupati over Nate Livings or Evan Mathis?

What's your thoughts? If the Bengals sign Williams back, would you still draft a guard high in the draft?