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Bobbie Williams negotiations ongoing; Chester Pitts would love to play for Cincinnati

The name Chester Pitts surfaced early in March, as the Bengals were reportedly interested in the guard with the assumption that the interest was directly related to whether the Bengals can get Bobbie Williams back. Aside from that, we've heard next to nothing about whether the interest was legitimate. They eventually brought hosted Richie Incognito for a day, who would later sign with the Miami Dolphins. As for Pitts, according to John McClain (not Bruce Willis), Pitts would love to play for the Bengals.

I know what you're thinking. Since when have free agents actually admitted to wanting to play for Cincinnati? Then again, his options appear limited with a likely destination in San Francisco, barring any setbacks during his physical. And as we assumed already, if the Bengals get Williams back, McClain says that "it'll be a moot point."

As for Williams - the team's reported high priority - negotiations continue. Joe reedy writes that negotiations "to sign the veteran offensive guard are ongoing but both sides have been unable to agree". What could be stalling things is that we've seen no reports that Williams is being courted by another NFL team. We're not even sure there's much interest out there. If that's the case, then the Bengals could see the lower market demand and offering something that Williams doesn't necessarily like. This would go back to John Thornton's comment last week when he advised that Williams should just take what he can get.