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Bengals were the only team scouting Dustin Woods on Miami University's Pro Day

Dustin Woods is a young wide receiver that's hoping to make the NFL after his Miami University career with 120 receptions, 1730 yards receiving and six touchdowns.

2006 25 506 20.2 80 4
2007 40 603 15.1 54 1
2008 35 377 10.8 49 0
2009 20 244 12.2 25 1

He didn't go to the NFL Combine this year, but Gil Brandt writes "his vertical jump (41 inches) , and times in the three-cone drill (6.65 seconds) and short shuttle (4.09 seconds) would have placed him among the top three wide receivers in those events." Woods, 5-foot-10 and 190 pounds, ran a 4.45 and 4.48 40-yard sprints.

And only one team, Brandt writes, came to check Woods out during Miami's Pro Day on March 18. Any guesses? I mean, the fact that this is a blog that specifically talks about the Cincinnati Bengals could be a subtle hint.

But before some of you go off about the Bengals being the only NFL team checking out a player and going into Mike Brown rants, let's quickly point a few things out. The Bengals typically check out all of the local products on their respected Pro Days. If Woods is available after the draft as an undrafted free agent, then they'll have a report on him. And wouldn't you rather the Bengals scout everyone that they humanly can? That's all I got.