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Bengals Re-sign Rashad Jeanty

I'm tempted to use my standard, go-to phrase to greet the news of Rashad Jeanty's re-signing, but I'll refrain. In case you are curious about what I'm talking about, watch this video and you'll understand.  I am happy to say, however, that, with the agreement between Jeanty and the Bengals, the linebacker position has more depth, which isn't a bad thing if there's any residual hangover with Rey Maualuga's off-season shenanigans.

It would seem the Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis agree, something the Jeanty contract indicates nicely.  With that in mind, do you still see the Bengals committing even more to solidifying the linebacker position, especially in the upcoming draft?

As for Jeanty, his signing is obviously for depth purposes -- the one year/$1.2 million deal say as much -- but he is a serviceable back up to players like Dhani Jones, Keith Rivers and the aformentioned Maualuga.