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Question of the Day: What will the Bengals draft priorities be?

Aside from signing Antonio Bryant to a four-year deal, the Cincinnati Bengals have essentially remained status quo, with immdiate priorities being the return of offensive guard Bobbie Williams and tight end Reggie Kelly. It's truly up in the air as to what position the Bengals will draft next month and with nine draft picks. Sure, we could say safety, a linebacker, a wide receiver, tight end, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, quarterback. Hell, you could say any of those positions if the goal is to build a strong roster with an impressive depth chart.

If I were to guess here, I would say that the Bengals will select the following positions in the draft.

  • Safety
  • Offensive Guard
  • Tight End
  • Linebacker
  • Cornerback
  • Quarterback
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Wide Receiver
  • Fullback

The question of the day is this. If you were the team's general manager (since the job is open anyway, why not day dream), how would you rank the positions that the team will address during next month's NFL Draft? And yes, you can pick the same position twice.