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Bears Tight End reportedly not happy. Should Bengals make a play for Greg Olsen?

An interesting dynamic is taking shape in Chicago. Since being hired by the Bears, PFT writes, "Mike Martz has signaled that he doesn't think tight end Greg Olsen is a good fit in his offense, noting that he believes a tight end's responsibility is to block." I know, right? Tight ends blocking first and being route-runners in the pass game as a secondary thought is a school that Bob Bratkowski knows too well. But that doesn't stop us from being glorious in our conjecturing, does it?

Because of Martz's position on tight ends, Bears tight end Greg Olsen isn't happy. Peggy Kusinski writes:

Friends of the Bears TE say he was not happy about the hiring of offensive coordinator Mike Martz and quietly sent his agent Drew Rosenhaus into "trade request" mode. Now it appears the Bears may have some takers in the Arizona Cardinals or New England Patriots.

With the idea in mind that Bengals offensive coordinator tends to approach tight ends like Mike Martz, should the Bengals make a play for Olsen? First and foremost, whatever their opinion is of Chase Coffman will dictate potential moves regarding trades or during free agency and the NFL Draft. Like Jerome Simpson, the Bengals could work with Chase and use a combination of blockers to fulfill protection schemes at h-back and the running game.

On the other hand, if Chase isn't well thought of among the coaching ranks for immediate contributions -- which we suspect is more true than not -- Olsen could be that weapon that the Bengals need since T.J. Houshmandzadeh left as an underneath route runner that occupies safeties and linebackers to free up slot receivers and even forcing single coverage on Chad Ochocinco. In his past two seasons, Olsen averaged 57 receptions for 593 yards receiving and a combined 13 touchdowns receiving.

Knowing what you know now, and forecasting what could happen through the NFL Draft, would you make a play for Olsen?