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Holmes: Bengals appear to be targeting Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson

The fact of the matter is, the Bengals could be doing one of two things. They could be very interested in a cornerback. Or they could be saying they're interested in a cornerback to force one team that needs general secondary help to free up a safety for Cincinnati. Either way, Carlos Holmes is convinced that the Bengals could use a first-round cornerback, writing that "The Bengals could definitely use a high-caliber corner like Wilson, who projects as a future starter."

Wilson is Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson, who projects to be a first-round draft pick. Holmes writes that the Wilson "appears to be a player the Bengals are targeting". This comes after reports broke that the Bengals will host Florida cornerback Joe Haden at some point.

Now I'm tossing in turning bed, thinking to myself that while it would be nice to have a starter-quality cornerback, why would the Bengals would use their 21st overall pick at a position with two starting cornerbacks that have yet to finish their rookie contracts? Yes, an upgrade over David Jones or Morgan Trent. Sure. But a first round pick? That would be three cornerbacks drafted in the first round in the last five years. Yes. It would be nice. But do you honestly see that happening? However, Holmes makes a convincing argument:

Wilson is a strong, fast and physical corner. He shows excellent press skills and is solid in man coverage. He matches up well against bigger receivers due to his aggressive style of play. Wilson is a confident playmaker much like New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. He’s a competitor and consistent with a high football IQ. The corner has added value as a return man, returning three punts for touchdowns his junior season at Boise State.

And of course I'm thinking, we could have a cornerback that plays the role of safety in man coverage that challenges tight ends and third-string receivers in a division that appears to be slowly rebuilding the strength of a passing offense. So that makes sense. Maybe a cornerback/safety hybrid, or a general secondary role player. These arguments I can roll with. A cornerback to strictly start at cornerback with the long-term vision of replacing Johnathan Joseph or Leon Hall? That alone doesn't do it for me. Of course, there's the contract issues that could come up after this year with Joseph and next year with Hall. Will the Bengals front office give two big-money contacts to two cornerbacks when they could just recycle the position with a quality cornerback this year? Questions. Questions. Questions.

Mocking the Draft ranks Wilson as the second-best cornerback in the draft -- Haden being the first. In the SB Nation Mock Draft, the Tennessee Titans, who pick 16th overall, drafted Wilson. Haden went tenth to the Jacksonville Jaguars. So it might be a moot point by the time the Bengals pick anyway.