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Dez Bryant to visit with the Cincinnati Bengals

You know that we picked Dez Bryant during this year's SB Nation Mock Draft (here's my write-up for the selection on Mocking the Draft). Shutdown Corner also had Bryant being drafted by the Bengals in their mock draft. After an uneventful private workout on Tuesday (a workout that offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski attended), if you don't include forgetting your cleats or breaking in a new pair of shoes which caused him to slip and quit on some drills, the idea that Bryant could fall in the draft is plausible. Bucky Brooks writes that he "can’t help but think Bryant’s disappointing workout and character issues have likely sent his stock spiraling on several draft boards." This blogger says good. Give us your questionable character players and we'll give you another massive headache with a quality third receiver. Nasty. Nasty. Nasty.

While he dines with Jerry Jones on Wednesday, the wide receiver has a scheduled visit with the Bengals. No date was reported, but other teams he's scheduled to visit, including the Cowboys, are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers.

I know some of you are against the move. And really, a lot of the points I can get on board with. But in my opinion, if Bryant is there, the team should draft him. This passing offense, while boosted with free agent signing Antonio Bryant, would see a "new age" of our wide receiver trio that we had in 2005, which was incredible. It also seems to me that with more powerful opponents on the schedule for 2010, we'll need an offense with a bit more firepower than the 19.1 points-per-game the team averaged in 2009 (ranked 22nd in the NFL). Arguments made for a defensive player, or an offensive lineman (or even a tight end that we won't use in the passing game anyway), are logical and reasonable too. We could literally address mostly every position in the first round and make an argument why that's a good move. Are these the dilemmas faced with teams that are actually built with a solid foundation of players?