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Report: Restricted free agent Frostee Rucker offered a tender; third-round compensation if he signs elsewhere

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We've known that the Bengals are giving linebacker Brandon Johnson a tender worth $1.759 million, which gives the Bengals a second-round draft pick if Johnson signs with another team and the Bengals elect not to match. We've known that Rashad Jeanty will receive a low tender. Other than that, little has been discussed regarding Bengals restricted free agents.

However, it was recently reported that the Bengals are offering (if they haven't already) Frostee Rucker a tender that would give the Bengals a third-round compensation pick. You're asking, what the hell? A third round? The tender that the Bengals are offering gives the defensive end $1.176 million, which is the lowest compensation level available -- not including the fifth option of a no-compensation tender. If Rucker signs an offer sheet with another team, and the Bengals elect not to match, Cincinnati would get compensation based on where Rucker was originally drafted into the NFL -- which is the third round. Same goes for Rashad Jeanty, who will be receiving the same amount, writes Joe Ready. However, Jeanty wasn't drafted into the NFL and therefore the Bengals would receive no compensation.

To recap as of Thursday morning:

Players Tender $ Compensation
Brandon Johnson $1.759 million Second round draft pick
Rashad Jeanty $1.176 million None
Frostee Rucker $1.176 million Third round draft pick