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Bengals release veteran wide receiver Laveranues Coles

Sometimes vindication is so bitter sweet that I bask in a swimming pool of french vanilla cappuccino with a big stogie. In late February, I made the super-intellectual and logical observation that when Marvin Lewis spoke of Coles, he spoke in past-tense, clearly offering up a hint that Coles won't be with Cincinnati in 2010. So, thank you for recognizing my mastery observational skills of the English language. Then on February 24, it was written that the Bengals regretting signing Coles. In all seriousness, every subtlety hinted towards the Bengals moving on.

On Thursday afternoon, the Cincinnati Bengals released Laveranues Coles. Along with age, as well as Marvin Lewis' backing of (thus-far disappointing) wide receiver Jerome Simpson, Coles' lack of production in 2009 likely caused the Bengals to cut Coles before he was due a paltry roster bonus, or the $4.6 million he was scheduled to earn in 2010.

Coles had his worst season in 2009 since his rookie season, recording only 43 receptions for 514 yards receiving and (albeit decent) five touchdowns.

It should be noted, however, that based on the existing contract, the Bengals could sign Coles back on the flip side of the free agency gun at midnight on Friday that's very team-friendly. Because we can't imagine that Coles will get anything close to the four-year $27.5 million deal he received last year.