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Report: Bengals interested in guard Chester Pitts

Chester Pitts is a 6'5" 308 pound offensive guard who has played his entire career with the Houston Texans. Since being a rookie in 2002, Pitts has played and started every game up until 2009 when he missed most of the season with a knee injury. Mostly playing at left guard, Pitts started 114 straight games.

So, what's up with all of this Chester Pitts talk.

Aaron Wilson reports that league sources are saying that the Bengals are interested in Pitts.

The interest is, well, interesting. The move is supposedly in response to Bobbie Williams' unrestricted free agent status.

  • The Bengals could wait for Williams to sign back and keep Pitts on the radar in case Williams doesn't sign.
  • The Bengals could be moving on and the interest in Pitts is to replace Williams.
  • The Bengals will sign Williams and want Pitts at left guard.

According to Wilson, other teams interest in Pitts include the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions. If the Bengals sign Pitts, the biggest challenge for me is not calling him Earl.