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Update on Anquan Boldin: Patriots are front-runners; Ravens are working it

Even though it's been pretty quiet Friday from a Cincinnati Bengals perspective, it won't stop us from coming up with scenarios that range from being realistic to outright fantasy. One in the middle has been the conjecturing scenario that the Bengals could make a trade to acquire Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

Third round pick. Should be cheap enough. Yes. If we ended there, then the Bengals could make the trade. So could 30 other teams. There's a reason why such a move hasn't been made, nor is it really being explored by that many teams. It's money. A lot of it. And it's knowing that if Boldin isn't paid, he'll pout like he did with the Cardinals when Larry Fitzgerald scored on a big deal several years ago.

Again, it would be nice, but the reality is that the Bengals would have to pay and the reality is that the Bengals most likely wouldn't pay. But we can hope. We can keep searching, slapping the living crap out of our F5 keys. I'm fine with that. I'm doing the same thing in the same belief that the Bengals could surprise us. Right?

So far, here's what we know. The Baltimore Ravens are working hard to acquire Boldin but, according to Aaron Wilson, the New England Patriots are the front runners.

Terrell Owens is still a possibility. And it's somewhat surprising that his name has been mentioned so little on the first day of free agency. In fact, the most comprehensive report we've heard is that it's possible that the Bengals could be the other team opposite of the Baltimore Ravens to have shown interest in the receiver. Geoff Hobson and Joe Reedy believes that of the receivers they could sign, Terrell Owens is the most likely. Hobson also wrote that receivers Antonio Bryant, Kevin Walter, Chris Chambers and Josh Reed are other receivers that are generating interest by the Bengals.

UPDATE: On the other hand. PFT writes that the Ravens are the front runners and that the Chiefs are also interested.