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Free Agency Day 1 Recap: Lots of Quiet Noise

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The Bengals made little-to-no noise on day one of the free agency period. Here at Cincy Jungle, we suggested that T.O's most likely destination would be in Cincinnati, but that move is probably a long way off, if it ever comes.

Then, we moved on to the future. The Bengals reportedly are talking to Roy Williams, who, if healthy, can be an enforcer in the running game. When he was injured last year, the Bengals defense was tangibly different.  This seems to be the most probable FA signing of the day. Additionally, with the potential departure of OG Bobbie Williams and low tender on Evan Mathis, the Bengals are also said to be interested in Houston Texans free agent Chester Pitts, entering his 8th year. Mostly a left guard, Pitts has started 114 straight games and has also drawn interest from Miami and Detroit.

Anquan Boldin, as you know by now I'm sure, was traded to Baltimore and extended for 3 more years, the Ravens guaranteeing only about $10 million and giving up a 3rd and 4th rounder to pick up Boldin. Some of us were peeved that the Bengals front office did not at least try to make some noise with Boldin going to a division opponent. Drew Rosenhaus then tweeted that Tank Johnson would be making visits early next week, implying that rumored negotiations for re-signing with Cincinnati broke down quickly.

Update: Kevin Walter agrees to terms with Houston. UFA WRs sure did thin out quickly.

Finally, addressing an area of need with a guy that I think could be a solid addition to the team, the Bengals are going to bring in TE Chris Baker for a visit early next week. He could be a solid contributor to all phases of offense, a hard working veteran that knows how to run routes and block when he has to.

All in all, it could have been worse today for Cincinnati. But I think letting Boldin go to Baltimore uncontested was a bad move by the Bengals F.O. Potential options remain on the table, but adding Boldin was adding a huge weapon for whoever pulled it off, and the Ravens did so on the cheap. Cincinnati could have, and should have made an identical offer. Our draft position is slightly higher than the Ravens, thus our offer would have probably won the grand prize of Pro Bowl WR production.

Joe Reedy's recap of day 1 provides some excellent first-hand information, check it out here.