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Drew Rosenhaus: Bengals contacted him about Terrell Owens

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Joe Reedy writes that while on Sirius NFL Radio, Drew Rosenhaus said that the Bengals spoke to him regarding Terrell Owens.

 ”Where we go from here I’m not sure but I think it’s at least a positive dialogue,” Rosenhaus said. “And we represent another great receiver on Cincinnati in Chad Ochocinco who would love to have No. 81 as his teammate. And we’ll just see how that plays out. But certainly that’s something that is a possibility. I guess that’s about the most I can say right now.”

While many Bengals fans support bringing Owens to Cincinnati, the Bengals could be forced into signing Owens simply on the fact that the market quickly dwindled after Nate Burleson went to Detroit (how well have they done?), Kevin Walter back to Houston, and Anquan Boldin to Baltimore. While it makes sense that the Bengals could go after Brandon Marshall with a first-round pick, the fact is Mike Brown won't give up a first round pick. And most likely, he and Katie Blackburn would crash and burn during contract negotiations, a critical point if Marshall is to be traded.

Reedy writes that Antonio Bryant and Chris Chambers interests the Bengals and Geoff Hobson added to the list with Josh Reed. But as Reedy points out, Bryant is a favorite for Miami and the others don't bring significant improvements on a position that's still on life support.