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Bobbie Williams confident he'll return to Cincinnati

Is the team's interest in Chester Pitts a result of a contingency plan in case they lose Bobbie Williams? Or is there a scenario that the Bengals would sign Pitts and Williams and have them flanking Kyle Cook at center?

Joe Reedy writes that they could sign both.

According to the National Football Post, the Bengals also have an interest in offensive guard Chester Pitts. The nine-year veteran has spent his entire career with Houston but suffered a knee injury last year. He's mainly lined up on the left side but would team up nicely if the Bengals were able to re-sign Bobbie Williams. He would also provide depth.

On the other hand, Geoff Hobson writes that if Williams returns, then that "would take off the radar Texans guard Chester Pitts".

Either way, Bobbie Williams appears confident that he'll return to Cincinnati.

“There’s never a question that I want to come back,” said Williams, 33, who has missed only three starts since he arrived in 2004 as a free agent. “I can say talks are definitely going in the right direction and we’ll see how it goes. I hope to be there by the time we start workouts March 29.”

How do you feel about the scenario of having Pitts and Williams at guard?