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In the blatantly obvious file: New York Times says we need receivers

In case you didn't know, the Bengals need one of two things to happen this offseason. They need their current crop of receivers to step up this year, or the passing game will become a liability like it did more times than not in 2009. Or they need to simply upgrade the talent that Carson Palmer has around him; it sadly depends on what direction the team thinks will work out cheapest best. But don't let us pound you into submission on that -- or, as we say in the industry, don't let us ESPN your ass.

The New York Times' Fifth Down blog caps off a few things regarding the Bengals 2009 season, more notably, a listing of needs that the Bengals need to address this offseason.

Want to guess the first need?

As it stands, if you stop Ochocinco, you stop Cincy’s passing game. A genuine deep threat would do wonders for this offense. If nothing else, fixing the problems at wide receiver would help fix the problems at tight end.

The other needs are predictable -- a pass rush, a guard, a safety and a fullback.