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Report: Carson Palmer "would love to throw to" Terrell Owens

NBC's Pro Football Talk blog is reporting that Carson Palmer is not fazed by T.O's past relationships with quarterbacks. In the wake of reports that the Bengals are interested in the controversial wide receiver, writer Geoff Hobson sent Palmer a text message asking how he felt about the prospect of playing with Owens.

"I’d love to," texted Palmer when asked about the possibility of throwing to Owens. "His past doesn’t bother me at all. If any qb can deal with extravagant wrs, it’s me."

Palmer has already corresponded with Antonio Bryant and says he’s willing to reach out to Owens as they go through the free-agent process. Bryant, 29, is seen as the best young receiver left on the unrestricted free agent market and is two years removed from an 83-catch season.

Lamont Smith, Bryant’s agent, said his client has some visits lined up but does not have one scheduled yet for Cincinnati.

"I would say he has some interest in Cincinnati; that’s how I would characterize it," Smith said. "He and Carson have exchanged some texts and that’s always a positive when the quarterback gets involved."

Palmer took note of the Ravens’ trade on Friday for Arizona wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

"They’re making some moves," Palmer said. "Whatever we can do to stay in the race."

Interestingly, Carson shares Cincy Jungle's opinion on Anquan Boldin and the need to keep pace with AFC North rivals. His self-confidence in dealing with "extravagant" wide receivers is heartening, too. It's generally good news when your favorite team's QB agrees with you about a team's needs and players that address those needs. Bryant and T.O. are both decent targets, and the Bengals need to answer the Boldin acquisition.

Earlier today, Drew "Shark" Rosenhaus confirmed that the Bengals have contacted him about T.O. Now we know that Carson has been in touch with Antonio Bryant, and I'm just not sure Mr. Bryant will be able to turn down Carson if they money's right.