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Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook

With free agency kicking off, the Bengals haven't been all that involved. Except for updates involving Terrell Owens, the prospect of any activity during the first weekend was always a long-shot. We figured a while ago that the Bengals were content with most of their pieces and they'd rather fill major needs through the draft, picking up pieces in free agency to help build their depth. It's gone exactly like that through the first three days -- a period for which free agency is generally crazy.

Having that in mind, we wanted to remind you that we're on Twitter and Facebook. So follow us and become a fan. Sometimes we offer up updates that we don't post here immediately. Most of it is NFL related, but sometimes we'll find stuff that we post over there. Plus, with Twitter and Facebook being accessible via mobile devices in an easier manner in which Cincy Jungle is mobile, you can read our updates through both.

So make sure you join us on Twitter and Facebook.