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Bengals Banter: Talks with Terrell Owens could intensify Monday

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Are negotiations with T.O. close? Pro Football Talk writes that negotiations between the Bengals and Terrell Owens could intensify on Monday.

Competitive Eating is always good offseason work. Antwan Odom and Evan Mathis will are competing in a burger eating contest at the NASCAR Cafe in Las Vegas on May 22. So naturally, Mathis is going to practice by eating a six-pound burrito. God, I love offensive linemen.

Hebert enjoys the arts. Kyries Hebert was in attendance Saturday night during the Shen-Yun Performing Arts performance at Cincinnati Music Hall. “I was very impressed. I didn't know exactly what to expect,” said Kyries. “I've never been to a show like it. At no point did it lose my attention—full of highs and no lows, a very exciting show.”

This fulfills our quota for at least one post about the Performing Arts.

Benjamin Watson scheduled to visit Seattle on Monday. A favorite free agent that several have mentioned is tight end Benjamin Watson. Can you blame anyone? It's not like our situation at tight end is anything but set. Much like wide receivers, the market for tight ends could be relatively inflated. Not so many options, less available talent than in past free agencies. However, can the Bengals . Adam Schefter reports that "Patriots free-agent TE Benjiman Watson is scheduled to visit the Seahawks on Monday." If Seattle is in the mix, then the Bengals wouldn't survive long in a bidding war against a team that tends to throw out money a bit more freely. That is if the Bengals had any interest in the market for a tight end.

Free Agency Wish Lists. I asked our team of writers to come up with a list of free agents that they'd really like to have in Cincinnati. Everyone took a unique angle, generating a diverse list of players that are restricted free agents, or key depth guys or lower-tier free agents. If you missed anyone's wish list, check 'em out. Jay | Jake | Chris | Mojo

As of right now. No one from the wish lists have been selected. Jay, Jake, Chris and Mojo are sad. :(

Mocking the Draft mocks. The guys at Mocking the Draft conducted their first round of a Mock Draft. All of the SB Nation sites provided commentary for each pick. They had us selecting tight end Jermaine Gresham. We were asked why it was a good pick and what alternative picks we'd make. Check it out here.

Rankings. Pat Kirwin ranks his top-25 free agents still available. Number two is safety Ryan Clark. Hummm...