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Tight End Chris Baker scheduled for a Cincinnati visit today

What a day today. Without a doubt, today is the most beautiful day we've had in the region this year. You step outside and you feel the unnatural release of a heavy coat that protected you through the mountain climbing snow we had in February. Birds are chirping again. Sprinklers are giving golf courses color again. Windows are open, taking in the fresh smell of mountain morning dew that sits on the grass. Life is good. Because the weather is good.

And it just so happens that as a result of this awesome day, tight end Chris Baker is coming in for a visit. Coincidence? Was it his arrival that opened flowers, had birds signing Metallica's Whiplash over the city, or the sudden purification of the lovely Ohio River turning it clear again?


But, as Jake (via Joe Reedy) pointed out on Friday, he is making a scheduled stop in Cincinnati today. Jake's post included a quick scouting reports.

SB Nation's scouting report says Baker excels in short zones, but contrary to my impression, has the athleticism and speed to get open deep. They call him a "decent blocker" who has "grown into his role," citing average athleticism as a weakness. They project his ceiling to be a "solid starter," something the Bengals sorely need at Tight End. Baker is a 9th year vet, age 30, who has improved over the years as a short and intermediate route-runner.

He has good hands, according to one scouting report, and has developed as a decent pass blocker. The same scouting report says that despite his good size and agility, he sometimes has trouble in the run-blocking game. I think the Bengals could remedy that - he just has to find a linebacker and push him a little bit with our beastly run-blocking group, especially with the unbalanced looks Brat fell in love with.

The Patriots released Baker just as Benjamin Watson was leaving for free agency, "leaving just two unproven tight ends on the team's roster". Not only does that sound familiar, but you have to wonder that the Patriots actively released Baker knowing that he would serve no purpose for them and they'd rather hit free agency with two unproven tight ends. I'm sure it's no big deal; just an observation. Right?

As of right now, we have yet to hear of any other visits -- you know, like guys named Terrell Owens or Antonio Bryan?