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Report: Bengals interested in cornerback Phillip Buchanon

The Bengals have, I believe, one of the best cornerback duos in the league. I suppose the Jets could make an argument, but I really don't care. What can I say? I'm a Bengals fan. But as for the team's depth beyond Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall, the Bengals are suspect. Morgan Trent finished a strong rookie campaign. I wouldn't use words like impressive, great or even starter with Trent. But he filled a role. David Jones. Much like Trent, Jones fills a role. More like special teams in his case.

Do the Bengals truly have a nickel cornerback against a 2010 schedule that will include teams like the Colts, Saints and Patriots, among other teams? So yes, there is a need to work the team's cornerback depth.

And the team is apparently aware of it. PFT writes that the Bengals are interested in a veteran cornerback Phillip Buchanon.