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Bengals Banter: Sometimes Mondays are just as cool as Fridays

Monday was by far the most active day the Bengals have had during free agency. After taking power naps through most of the weekend, the Bengals signed Tank Johnson, hung out with tight end Chris Baker, scheduled visits with Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens and reportedly expressed interest in cornerback Phillip Buchanon. All the while Jake and Jay wrote corresponding pieces about Mike Brown and free agency. And here you were dreading Mondays, weren't you?

On Tank Johnson's new four-year deal. Monday afternoon, Tank Johnson announced to the world that he was returning to Cincinnati for the 2010 season. To say I'm relieved is an understatement. If Tank had left, the team's rotation and depth at defensive tackle would have taken a hit. A big one. Get it? A defensive tackle. A big one. Thanks. I'm here all week.

Tank's deal is a four-year deal with terms yet to be disclosed as of this posting. We suspect that much like his original deal with Cincinnati last year, the contract will be incentive-laden with high-dollar roster bonuses to ensure the deal is a basically a one-year deal with an option each following season allowing the Bengals to terminate the deal whenever they want. Again, we're conjecturing here.

Either way, having Tank back is a big help so Cincinnati doesn't have to devote their efforts at finding his replacement in free agency or the NFL Draft.

Raiders release Javon Walker. On March 5, 2008, the Oakland Raiders signed wide receiver Javon Walker to a six-year deal worth $55 million with $16 million guaranteed. In his two seasons with the Raiders, Walker played 11 games, caught 12 passes for 41 yards receiving. In fact, if you look at Walker's eight-year career, he played 15 games or more in only half. He was considered the biggest free agent bust of all time by the NFL Network. Note: no Bengals player was selected as the biggest free agent bust of all time... that could have something to do with the fact that we don't really sign the type of players that would make that type of list.

Walker was also one of the people in Darrent Williams' car when the young defensive back was shot. Walker seems like the type of guy that would make the Bengals roster, doesn't it?