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Rest of free agency will depend on which receiver the Bengals sign; Bryant will also visit with the Redskins

It could be Antonio Bryant. It could be Terrell Owens. Bryant is in Cincinnati. Owens has yet to be confirmed for a visit; though it's believed Owens will be in town Tuesday night. This is important. Because the rest of free agency will largely depend on which receiver the Bengals sign, writes Geoff Hobson.

Bryant, the Tampa Bay wide receiver who celebrates his 29th birthday Tuesday as the first Bengals free-agent visit, could be their last if the two sides reach a multi-year deal.

Bryant, being seven years younger than Terrell Owens, would sign a long-term deal that would severely restrict Cincinnati's movement in the market; whereas Owens would be on the books for a one-year deal.

Everything else, from kicker Shayne Graham to right guard Bobbie Williams to safety Roy Williams, appears to be dependent on what happens next.

However, we did post a Carlos Holmes piece earlier Tuesday morning that says the Bengals are close to retaining Williams. I have a hard time believing that the Bengals would push Williams aside and tell him, "if we sign Bryant, then you're out." But we learned long ago that we were happier carbon based units when we stopped trying to figure out what was on the front office's mind.

Either way, the Bengals aren't the only team interested in Antonio Bryant now. The Tampa Tribune's Roy Cummings writes:

Bryant's agent, Lamont Smith, said Bryant had also arranged a visit with the Washington Redskins that could prove more enticing as Bryant would apparently be a second receiver behind Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati.