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2010 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft: The Cleveland Browns Select...

The seventh pick in the inaugural edition of the Cincy Jungle Mock Draft is brought to us by a special guest from Dawgs by Nature: Bernie19Kosar selecting for the Cleveland Browns His explanation for the pick is after the jump. Thank you for your participation Bernie19Kosar.

With the seventh pick in the 2010 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns select...

Eric Berry, S/CB, University of Tennessee.

Not going to lie. I was not expecting Eric Berry. I fully expected him to go the pick before me.

When I saw that he was still there, this was the easiest pick in the draft. The Browns have massive holes in the secondary. Add in the fact that they lost Brodney Pool, the need grew.

Enter Eric Berry. He is without a doubt the best DB in this draft. Yes, Haden would have filled a need, but Berry will make every other DB on the roster better. I list Berry as a S/CB, this is because I think Eric Berry could end up as a CB at the next level. In fact, if he was a CB in this draft I would expect him to be taken in the top 3 picks. He is that talented.

What does Berry bring to the Browns? Instant play making ability. Outside of Eric Wright, who is quickly becoming one of the best young CB's in the NFL, the Browns are void of any sort of playmaker in the secondary. With Berry, that is no longer an issue. Berry is a threat to house it whenever he touches the ball.

If Berry has a downside, it is the fact that he can be to over aggressive at times. That is a trait I am willing to live with.

Other players considered: Mike Iupati (Don't laugh, he will be a Pro Bowler inside of two seasons)

Eric Berry highlights:

(via RinggoldTiger97)