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NFP: Bengals Have Hosted Illinois' Wide Receiver Arrelious Benn

In mid-March, Bengals wide receiver coach Mike Sheppard reportedly attended Illinois' Pro Day, scouting receiver Arrelious Benn. We wrote at the time that the Bengals could be checking out Benn, or that they could be checking out other receivers at camp, based at the time that we weren't sure how serious the Bengals were drafting a wide receiver in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. There was no way to tell who the Bengals were checking out though, even though it seemed very likely that Benn was high on their list of prospects to check out during Illinois' Pro Day.

That interest appears legit. According to Aaron Wilson, the Bengals were one of four teams that's hosted Arrelious Benn. However, the Denver Broncos appear to be the most interested, having watched Benn conduct a private workout and then inviting the wide receiver for a meeting next week, writes Wilson. Judging by the reported level of interest, it wouldn't be surprising to see Benn drafted ahead of Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant. That possibly being the case, it makes you wonder if the likeliness of the Bengals having the chance draft Bryant just keeps going up.

For more information about prospects that the Bengals have interest in, have hosted or general information, check out this year's chart.