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Bengals Banter: Dez Bryant dropped off Jacksonville's board; heavily scouted by Ravens and Patriots

This is part of what they call the calm before the storm. You can feel it, can't you? A sudden silence in news and updates from the Bengals front office. Aside from possibly re-signing Reggie Kelly, the Bengals are likely focusing their efforts on putting together their draft board. So while the crickets are echoing Who Dey chants in the background, we'll keep you informed as best as we can. Might not just be about the Bengals, but hey, there's other things outside the world of Bengals football, right? Yea, I don't think so either.

Another throws the word character out the window when discussing Dez Bryant. Character in this case is living breathing human being. As a result, the Jaguars have dropped Bryant off their board. Not that I'm upset here.

Even though Dez Bryant was hosted by the San Francisco 49ers, don't expect the 49ers to draft him. According to Joe Fortenbaugh, the 49ers have "more pressing needs in the secondary" and "chalking" up Bryant's visit as "due diligence."

Two teams that are looking very hard at Dez Bryant are picking after the Cincinnati Bengals.

There will be 16 prospects attending the NFL Draft in New York. Two notable names that haven't accepted invitations are quarterbacks Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow.

Even if the Miami Dolphins elect to trade their 12th overall pick to acquire more picks later, I don't think that the Bengals would benefit much. The issue isn't so much targeting specific players as they are specific positions. And it seems to me we can address most of the team sitting firm, if not trading down for more picks.

After last night's extra inning win over the Florida Marlins (thanks to Scott Rolen's three RBI-night), the Cincinnati Reds are in sole possession of second place with a game behind the St. Louis Cardinals.

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