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NFL To Release 2010 NFL Schedule Tuesday April 20

Ten of Cincinnati's 16 games in 2010 will be against opponents that finished 2009 with a winning record. This includes every team that made the AFC playoffs last year, both teams that played in the Super Bowl, the team that the Bengals couldn't beat in back-to-back weeks to close the season, the league's best offense in New Orleans and three of the five best defenses from last year. This doesn't include the Buffalo Bills; a team that the Bengals haven't beaten in the regular season in nearly 22 years -- Buffalo has beaten the Bengals in nine straight games, including four times during the Marvin Lewis era.

Now that's perspective.

The best part? We actually think that this Bengals squad can beat every single one of them. Homerism? Sure. Why not? We're all homers. You are here, right? Realistically, the Bengals are good enough to compete against every team. Beat them? Alright, probably not. But I don't think that this year's schedule is too tough for the Bengals.

Soon. We'll be able to put dates and times on those games. On Tuesday at 7PM, the NFL will announce the 2010 Regular Season schedule. Last week, Geoff Hobson mused that the Bengals could kickoff Monday Night Football against the Jets to open their newest stadium.

  2009 Record Offense Defense
Indianapolis Colts 14-2 9th 18th
New Orleans Saints 13-3 1st 25th
San Diego Chargers 13-3 10th 16th
New England Patriots 10-6 3rd 11th
NY Jets 9-7 20th 1st
Atlanta Falcons 9-7 16th 21st
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7 7th 5th
Baltimore Ravens 9-7 13th 3rd
Carolina Panthers 8-8 19th 8th
Miami Dolphins 7-9 17th 22nd
Buffalo Bills 6-10 30th 19th
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-13 28th 27th
Cleveland Browns 5-11 32nd 31st