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Wilson: Pittsburgh TE Dorin Dickerson Under Consideration For Bengals Second Round Pick

When you woke up this morning, I know what you thought to yourself. Boy, I hope we can have a break from all of the Tight End conversation today. Right? Ha.

According to Aaron Wilson, the Bengals interest in Pittsburgh Tight End Dorin Dickerson just isn't strong, the Bengals are actively considering using their second round pick for Dickerson. One major selling point for the Bengals is something Wilson wrote: "he could be used at several positions, including fullback, H-back and possibly as a slot wide receiver." Aside from the whole slot receiver deal, the Bengals could view Dickerson as an eventual Reggie Kelly replacement, due to the fact that Kelly plays in the backfield as much as he has on the line in recent seasons.

And even though Reggie Kelly is a high priority for the team, he still isn't signed. Kelly's biggest hurdle was cleared last week when the Bengals watched the Tight End test his surgically-repaired Achilles Tendon. What better way to train Kelly's replacement than having Kelly as the kid's mentor?

The interest in Dickerson isn't surprising. Less than two weeks ago, Joe Reedy wrote that Cincinnati asked for medical files on Dickerson, Oklahoma's Jermaine Gresham and Florida's Aaron Hernandez.