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Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels Hasn't Spoken With The Bengals About TE Tony Scheffler

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As I'm sure making up Friday morning, the one thing that we didn't expect to have hinted was a possible player acquisition that the Bengals had on the table. It goes to show how things can evolve in a matter of hours. During Marvin Lewis' predraft press conference, an event that tends to be an uneventful narative of unspecific things heading into the draft, the head coach said that "I think some of it could be addressed prior to the draft" when answering a question about the team's Tight Ends.

Unfortunately, this turned into a headline that read "Scheffler officially a possibility." Joe Reedy, a level-headed and straight to the point journalist, speculated that "you can officially ramp up the speculation about the team possibly having discussions about trading for Tony Scheffler."

And from that comment, posts flared up, fueling speculation that the Bengals were making a push for Scheffler. For all we know, it's true. I'll give Reedy his credit. When he makes these types of statements, they turn out true more times than not.

However, hours later, (the lovely) Josina Anderson, a reporter and co-anchor out of KDVR in Denver, tweets a quote from Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels during his predraft press conference that "We have not talked to the Bengals (about him)." Yea, we totally believe head coaches these days.

Reedy further cooled the speculation he originally started by saying Lewis' ol' nugget of a comment might actually mean "that re-signing Reggie Kelly or J.P. Foschi would be more of a possibility to what Bengals coach Marvin Lewis was referring to earlier in the day."

So in the end, all we learned is that we shouldn't read too much into the subtle hints of Marvin Lewis. Because Tony Scheffler is no Laveranues Coles. Am I right?