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Tight End J.P. Foschi Has A "Good Visit" With The New England Patriots

A month ago, word surfaced that the Bengals would consider bringing J.P. Foschi back after electing not to tender him a contract as restricted free agent. Even though Foschi was somewhat effective with 27 receptions, 260 yards receiving and two touchdowns, the Bengals not tendering Foschi a contract had a lot to do with cash, and perhaps the belief that they could spend the offseason upgrading the position.

Since Foschi has four years of experience, the Bengals would have to tender the tight end $1.176 million. By not tendering him a contract, the Bengals allow him to reach free agency and then sign him at a later date to the league minimum. For a four-year veteran, that cost is below $700,000. Essentially the Bengals could save less than half a million by not tendering Foschi a contract and then signing him back at a later date.

But the Bengals have to want him back, and Foschi has to want to come back, all provided that he's not granted other opportunities by other teams.

According to J.P. Foschi's agent Ralph Cindrich, Foschi recently had a visit with the New England Patriots. "Good visit," Cindrich said. "Type of guy who could fit." Foschi not signing to the Bengals isn't that big of a loss. However, he was solid with the team at a time when Tight Ends were in bad shape. And it wouldn't be totally unexpected that the team signs Foschi to build the team's depth.