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Just as the Los Angeles Kings scored a power play goal to take a 2-1 lead over the Vancouver Canucks in game three (I could totally do a hockey blog), I opened my laptop, refreshed all of my Bengals-related sites, and low and behold, now has a blog. A blog! And they have comments. Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.

All things considered, it's about time. Since Joe Reedy has taken over as the Enquirer's beat writer, their Bengals blog became immensely better. It's not that we don't enjoy the standard stories found in the newspaper, but there's just something gridy about a blog. It feels closer, down to earth, like the writer is speaking to us. Blogs are like casual conversations, not the teacher teaching the student. There's just something about blogs -- says the guy that's run a Bengals blog over four years now.

For a writer that obtains and provides as much as information as he does, we feel that he'll do just fine, providing us obsessive fans more even more information that might not need a full story to tell. You know, that information that nut jobs like us thrive on.

So welcome to the continuing glory that is the internet. Tomorrow, we'll talk about Instant Messaging.