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Agent: Nothing Imminent Between the Bengals and Reggie Kelly

Once the shock wore off that now has a blog, we actually started reading the content. In his second post, Geoff Hobson writes that Reggie Kelly's agent, Jimmy Sexton, says that "there is nothing imminent" regarding a deal between his client and the Bengals. Both sides want to get a deal done, and since there's plenty of time do get something done before the team's first mandatory minicamp, there's no reason to believe the two sides won't come to an agreement eventually.

That being said, it makes you believe that no matter what happens with Kelly, it won't influence the team's decision if they use their first round pick on a Tight End. I won't say Jermaine Gresham because who knows whom the Bengals could draft. Am I right?

Last week, Lewis' comments that Tight End will be addressed before the draft -- the same comment that suddenly had Cincinnati interested/not interested in Tony Scheffler -- has us believing that the Bengals will sign someone. Most likely Kelly, less likely J.P Foschi -- like him, but Lewis wouldn't make it a point to say something like that without saying Foschi's name... he's not that big.

Aside from that, the position remains divisive among Bengals fans. On one side, many believe that the Bengals need a pass catching Tight End. Period. End of story. Case closed. Chuck Norris'd. On the other the hand, many believe that the Bengals would waste a first round pick on a position that the team really doesn't use in the passing game anyway. Then there's about 20 people that believe we shouldn't give up so quickly on Chase Coffman.

Either way, I liked what Marvin said about the team's needs in the draft.

“We’re not going into the draft saying, ‘We have an empty chair at one particular spot,' ” Lewis said. “We’re kind of letting the draft board pick our player and obviously we’ll address some areas as we go through the draft based on what occurs in the first round.”

In other words, we're already pretty badass. We just want to get a little more badass.