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Could the Cowboys' releasing Ken Hamlin affect the Bengals at safety?

With Dallas expected to release safety Ken Hamlin, along with five-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle Flozell Adams, the Cowboys could affect the Bengals draft. If Cincinnati were thinking of going with a safety in the NFL draft, they literally could wait and see how it pans out. No, Eric Berry is likely out of reach. But Taylor Mays or Earl Thomas? The Bengals reportedly like them both. And someone could slip to the Bengals to help bolster a defense that finished four in the NFL last year -- note, I said could, not would.

However, that thought may have disappeared quickly Friday afternoon with Hamlin's expected release. That means, like Dez Bryant, the Cowboys could dictate the Bengals first round selection if they trade past the Bengals and pick up a player that the team is targeting. Both receiver and safety are areas the Bengals could use to improve their squad. And it appears that Dallas could be focusing on those two positions in the first round. Matt Bowen writes, "With safety Ken Hamlin leaving Dallas, look for Cowboys to do their homework on Taylor Mays and Earl Thomas."

The Cowboys pick 27th in the draft.