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PFP: Bengals to host USC Safety Taylor Mays

Wide receiver, safety, offensive lineman. Each one of them are positions that we've identified with the Bengals possibly addressing with their first round pick. Cornerback is another position that's recently shown up on the radar with news that the Bengals will host potential first-round corners such as Joe Haden, or expressed some level of interest with cornerback Kyle Wilson. Furthermore, with wide receiver, I haven't gotten that feeling that the Bengals will address the position if Dez Bryant is drafted before the team's 21st overall pick.

Taylor Mays is a safety that the Bengals are targeting. Carlos Holmes wrote weeks ago that the USC Safety would "flourish" in Mike Zimmer's defense. A possible replacement for Roy Williams who fields dramatic durability questions while playing under a one-year contract, it's questionable that Mays would even reach Cincinnati.

But that doesn't mean the Bengals can't be due-diligent with all of the prospects in this years NFL Draft. And the Bengals will host Taylor Mays, writes Pro Football Post's Aaron Wilson.

Mays, who ran a 4.31 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL scouting combine, is a four-year starter and a three-time All-American selection. He intercepted one pass and posted 96 tackles last season.

"They know I can run fast, they know I can hit and all that stuff," Mays told the Los Angeles Times. "But being able to be a big safety and being able to move is my biggest thing. I think that's the biggest question mark."

It's unknown when the Bengals will host Mays, just that they reportedly will.