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Thursday is Draft Day! Spend it with Cincy-Jay

Hello my fellow Americans Bengals fans. I'm honored to be before you today to remind you that the NFL draft is Thursday, as though the talking heads and mock drafts hadn't reminded you enough. Every time you go to ESPN's NFL section, there's actually a countdown. That's right, the draft starts Thursday night at 7:30 ET. Each pick in the first round, which will command the entire telecast on Thursday, will be allotted 10 minutes of clock time. I'm sure you guys know all of this already.

The real reason I'm writing this reminder and invitation is because I really want to spend time with you guys on draft night(s) this week here on Cincy Jungle, where I'm sure most of the crew will be around, and I'll be running the "Draft Day threads" as though it were a game day in the real football season. Nostalgia for me running game threads aside, I've received word that Thundering Turtle, who is now team chaplain for a Pittsburgh Pirates minor league team, will likely be around to provide us with excellent scouting insight on obscure players we may or may not have anticipated the Bengals drafted.

Regardless, I'm sure we'll have a ton to talk about, be it divisional foes' moves, shocking picks (*cough* Raiders *cough*) or trades, it'll be prime time folks. All of your closest friends and Cincy Jungle compatriots will be here! Join in on the fun and drink some Kool-Aid  (or something), the future is now!